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A prayer for you

Prayer for you A prayer for you. Stay strong no matter what it is. It will pass, and if there be no human to lean on or to talk to, you know who to look up to. Never forget you aren't alone. He is closer to you than your jugular. Have an amazing weekend my … Continue reading A prayer for you


  It has been quite a while. Just under four months really, but it feels like years. I have missed you all. I have missed walking through fascinating minds here. I have missed the joys of reading your pieces and learning from them. I have missed your words of encouragement and advice. I have missed … Continue reading Hello!

What’s ten to you?

  I like number ten. What brings one and zero close, Than the number ten.   She hates number ten. That failure follows a win Depresses her so.   He cares not for ten. He thinks it's just a number. Our views baffle him.   ©Aweni Image credit: ArtsyBee via Daily Prompt: Ten

Keep Calm

  You ask me to be calm. How can I be, Donald leads the world And superficiality is the new normality.   You ask me to be calm. How can I be, The artic melts away And the greens turn to dust.   You ask me to be calm. How can I be, The girl … Continue reading Keep Calm

The thought of meeting you

I can not stand still. My taut nerves are in overdrive. Joyous overdrive. What excites me so? It is the thought of you, The thought of your face, Yet unseen by mortals. Growing inside of me. Your kicks remind me, Every heartbeat brings our face closer To our very first kiss. So how can I … Continue reading The thought of meeting you


  I walked miles today In the white of this winter To relax my grip Now My grip is loose My heart beats closer to  spring My tears all dried   ©Aweni Image credit: mohamed_hassan via Daily Prompt: Relax


Moody is the weight on my life's force, That takes its place once a month When grandma knocks the door. A week passes, grandma departs, the weight dissipates. All that is left are tiny little pieces that weigh so little, Waiting to coalesce when grandma knocks again.   ©Aweni Image credit: itslopez via pinterest via … Continue reading Moody

The poet’s dots

  The poet. Wielding his pen, Writing profusely, Like he would share his secrets with you. You read and fancy that you understand him. But blind to your eyes are the little dots and curls in between his words. Dots and curls you would never decipher. Dots and curls that are his. Dots and curls … Continue reading The poet’s dots

His favourite potion

    When he feels like a cuppa, He summons the lassie Who conjures up a portion. Milk, leafs and sugarcane juice are its ingredients. Measured out evenly as per his old mama's recipe. All mixed nicely in water 100 degrees hot. The porcelain the mixture finally resides in, is China made. Sitting carefully placed … Continue reading His favourite potion