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Happy Valentine’s

Happy Valentine's Mama Australia and I. She sure makes for great company... elegant,  proud, colourful and peaceful... albeit quiet. What are you up to tonight? Alone or with company? Roses, gifts, getaway, movie or just laze around  curled up into you or one another all night long? Whatever you chose, engage in it mindfully. Two … Continue reading Happy Valentine’s

Wedding prayers

Today is my little sister's wedding and Covid prevents me from being physically present. All I can do is pray and channel positive energies her way. I would be grateful if you could take a minute to say a kind little prayer for her today. Thank you. Ps. Today is her birthday too😄.

I dare you

  When I wear my heart on my sleeve, I am daring you to crush or keep, A heart steeped in need & glee. Knowing it matters not to it, What your choice will be. Either way its win & win A crush will its glee kill. A keep, its needs meet. As far as … Continue reading I dare you

In the market place

    "The world is a market place." Mother said. "Heed only your heart, So you may be guided right. For it is filled with cries of the sanctimonious Hawking wares that are not for you." We listened.  Enveloped in his words, In the vice like grip of his eyes, I was deaf to their … Continue reading In the market place


    I am the rays of the sun, I put the moon to shame And the rain to grief. I am the precious stone That no ordinary man can own, Save for him anointed by God. I am she who is adored. Men before Have fallen on swords To seek my face. In life … Continue reading Partner

My heart’s symphony

Fast, Then faster, The violin and bass plays Loud, Then louder, The wood wind and brass blows. Fast And louder, The tambourine and drums beat. You, My darling, Are the cute man conducting. But, Clueless you are. Without a doubt, you are. For, How could one glance Cause such a flurry of feelings.     … Continue reading My heart’s symphony

The making of a pest

    Hot, sweet and creamy, On the train to the bakery, I sip my coffee. Fresh, petite and cute, She was so pretty in blue, Cupid's arrow flew. Alas! Dear reader, Just one was Cupid's victim. She was unaware. Love unrequited, Was my fate until the end. "A pest" I was called.  

Be mine

Do not doubt me My love is sublime And will never decline Do not hurt me My  heart is human And I bleed crimson Do not desert me My safe place is here And I desire your care Do not distrust me My past is gone I swear  And your imprint I now wear Do … Continue reading Be mine

Disloyal pair

Why?! Oh ye pair! Why?! Why do ye implicate thy owner? Why do ye tremble so? Did ye not request him leave when I only thought it? Did ye not vow to live without his tender kisses? Kisses that were once wine to thy tongue Why do ye tremble under his gaze? Why do ye … Continue reading Disloyal pair

Did I leave an echo?

  Our love far gone Does it echo to you? Do you recall the strength of our bond? Do you reminisce getting lost in the pool of my eyes? You rolled in their depths from dusk till dawn My fingers brought you to life My voice cuddled you to sleep   Then life happened   … Continue reading Did I leave an echo?