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Falcon and Daisy 'Falcon and Daisy With arms open to the skiesA message to man Drink in our sweet sightSet your frozen core alight Take your life by storm Today maybe darkBut silver lines your morrowWhen ember's reborn'💙Aweni


Promises to self Promise yourself some self-loving and make it happen. Do it for you. 💙Aweni

Chase your dreams

Happy Monday!Go chase those dreams my lovelies!💪🏾💙&💪🏾 Aweni

I’m possible

I’m possible or impossible?Your choice.No one else’s. Have a smashing Friday Folks! 💙&💪🏽Aweni

Never stay down

You are not staying down now, are you? Get back up no matter how weary you feel. Life plays gamesGames you'll winIf you put yourMind to it. 💪🏽 'Life sees what you seeA powerful brilliant forceRunning in your veins Life feels what you feelJoy, peace, love, envy, & lossMedley of passion Life seeks what you … Continue reading Never stay down

Hear Her

Hear the woman ‘She’sThe babe they killed who livedThe fire you litThe air you breatheThe beauty you seeThe mountain you seekThe peace you giveThe force withinThe home of you the seedHomeYour home in life and in death HearThe one whose eyes remain widely open in deathFor who sleeps under when her li’l babe walks over?HearThe … Continue reading Hear Her


Kings be rocking Mama Nigeria easy like Sunday morning. Oh yes! Positivity is for Kings and Queens amazing people. Every merch on is unisex. Go shop for you and your loved ones now. Have a beautiful weekend! 'Sir, ma'am, laugh hard Life’s a conundrum You write some You act some You win some You … Continue reading Kings!

Happy Tuesday

Intentionally Happy

‘Life loves to play games Throwing curveballs now and then “Owe you naught,” she laughs Let her know your resolve, to Live and laugh against all odds.’ Who’s laughing now? Happy midweek my lovelies. May Life smile and laugh with you today and always. ❤️&☺️ Aweni

Never give up!

Keep trying Giving up isn't an option for me. It shouldn't be for you too. Let's go get 'em! Have a blast this week my lovelies. ❤&💪Aweni