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Shine Bright

'Bopping in the dark,The sun peeks from my 'gele'.Time for us to shine.' ❤️&Aweni Gele - Headwrap in Yoruba


I am Gangan The talking drum Faster than hoofs Slower than light Mother of dance Father of speech I bring joy Or sorrow Or plain words Hate me not Love me not I am but a messenger Lovingly caressed. ©Aweni

Mistress of spices

Walking down a street in ShakiI met a mistress of spicesHer skin was so enticingHer eyes were invitingAnd her aura was captivatingI thought her fantasticShe fed me her spicesThey teased my sensesHmmm…..so tastyI asked her secretWhat gives a taste so pricelessShe told me in whispersThe secret of her spicesWas the soul in her peppersBirthed from … Continue reading Mistress of spices