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Childlike – Senryu

There is no mind that is more free than that of a child's.Their mind is; 'Free of guile that weighsFree to roam the world at willFree of hate and chains' So my prayer for you as we come to the end of the week is that, no matter how old you get, may your mind … Continue reading Childlike – Senryu

inspired haiku senryu “Nobodies child”

The art and joys of being able to put what we observe and experience into words and share with the world. What a gift it is. A boarding house experience beautifully surmised by Mick E Talbot. That a song and I inspired this poem is awesome!

Mick E Talbot Poems

“nobodies child”

how i longed for home
boarding school one whole term
broken heart lost love

eleven year old
deported against my will
my parents too

unbeknown new
a rule that hurt us all
weekend disasters

to far to travel
one day there one day back
no time for visits

homesick lonely nights
my parents too were crying
a whole term dying

summer break and home
empathy resolved my straits
home loving parents

while I was there
respite for me was nature
now still besotted

long story cut short
as back then was a life time
despair misery

now a happy home
a wife three children
grand and great too

like all we face
trials and tribulations
together resolved

My life back then invoked
by you and a old song
both invoking tears

Invoked memory by Aweni
© Mick E Talbot 2017/66

The First Verse

I’m nobodies child

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