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It comes together

Chase your dreams 'My dearthe keylies deepin startingand notstopping' ❤ & 💪🏽 Aweni


Checklist Have you been through your checklist today? Life's too short not to go through your checklist. Don't waste time on unnecessary things. 'Tick, tick, tick!Bairn, lass, bhean!Bairn, lad, dhuin!A tail we chase,round and round,dark to grey,till seanbhean's eyes closeand seanfhear's heart stops.' ❤&🌞Aweni

Glass slipper story

Chariot, pumpkins, glass... this one has it all.Another cinderella story coming up... but this time on wings.My upcoming short story keeps the glass slipper story alive!Stay tuned, stay safe, stay healthy, stay happy, stay positive, stay in love or fall in love... it's almost valentine's folks!'May you know the joyand bloom from Cupid's pierceblissful pain … Continue reading Glass slipper story

New year resolution

What are your new year resolutions? I hope not giving up on your dreams is one of them. ‘Trudging through this stormFaith and hope live in my feetHeart heaves but won’t stop’ ❤️&💪🏽Aweni