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Daily dose positivity

Good morning Good morning folks! ‘Rise, shine and conquerPast falls mustn’t deterYou are that super!’ ❤️& 🪄 Aweni Don’t go anywhere without your dose of positivity. Visiting aweniadams.com

Happy Tuesday

How to start your day

Another day! Woohoo! Gratitude ✔Coffee/Tea/Hot chocolate/Smoothie/Water ✔A trip to Aweniadams.com ✔ 👍 I have something cool coming your way soon, in time for valentine's.😎 So drop your email when you visit so you can stay on top of all the good stuff. Have a smashing Sunday folks. Enjoy this li'l poem written just for you. … Continue reading How to start your day

Get up

Good morning! Get up and go make hay! 'Struggling to get out of bed this am,The sheets a tad bit cosierThe pillows a tad bit softerJust the way I like it.Eyelids beg'Just another 5 minutesLet us kiss againAnd you drift away''Plunk!' 'Plank!' 'Knock!' 'Knock!'I sprung upRamrod spine,Request declinedThe dreaded yet loved chaos of those li'l … Continue reading Get up

Listen to your own rhythm

Good morning!I hope you’ll be spending this week listening to your own music and letting your inner greatness manifest.I know that’s what I’ll be doing.You are that badass.I am that badass.Let’s do this💪🏾👊❤️& 🤗s Aweni.