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Tuesday… Monet…

Tuesday... 'Just another day', they say.'A Monet', I say...'To love...to experience...' What's Tuesday to you? ❤&🌞Aweni

How to start your day

Another day! Woohoo! Gratitude ✔Coffee/Tea/Hot chocolate/Smoothie/Water ✔A trip to Aweniadams.com ✔ 👍 I have something cool coming your way soon, in time for valentine's.😎 So drop your email when you visit so you can stay on top of all the good stuff. Have a smashing Sunday folks. Enjoy this li'l poem written just for you. … Continue reading How to start your day

Soak up the rays

Another day to be grateful for. 🙏 Good morning! Another day to be grateful for. 🙏 'Like the sun flowerand the datura,live,soaking up the raysforever!' ❤, 🌞 & 🌙 Aweni Ps. Hop over to aweniadams.com to add more colours, light and positivity to your space!

Let’s play a game

Sundays are for many things, counting your blessings and basking in them is definitely one of them. 'Let's play a game of numbers,Counting the different shades of colours,Caressing this perfect figure.Bewildered we are, aren't we?Exhausted we are, aren't we?So, lets bask in their hues instead.' ❤&🙏Aweni

Happy new year!

Happy New Year Happy new year folks!🎉🥳🎊Thank you for all the love you’ve shown in the last year.I do not take you for granted.May 2022 bring love, blessings and great opportunities your way. May you be able to revel in the abundance and have the courage to seize the opportunities the year will bring.May you … Continue reading Happy new year!

Still here

‘Cheers to Friday andall the days that make you gayAnd to blue days tooEach one bringing life’s promiseCheers to you for standing still’🥂Aweni

Winter leaf

Winter leaf Another one of the many thoughtful presents from my adorable little patients.How's your weekend going? 'Sterile doors ajarA breath of fresh air walks inBrowning Winter's love'-Aweni.

Gratitude and contentment

Are you feeling out of sorts?Do you feel like you could be more?Do you feel you could have more?Or are you comparing yourself with others?Do you  want to be like him or her? If you are feeling any of these, stop for a minute. Remind yourself of all the good things you have and all … Continue reading Gratitude and contentment

Time waits for none

Years flow endlessly A passenger one minute Down under the next. Tunde flipped open his diary as his eyes scanned through what he had planned for the day and the next. It was the first of December. 'Where has 2019 gone?' He shook his head in disbelief as he reflected on what he had done … Continue reading Time waits for none