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My Peace Lily

My Peace Lily Today I want to tell you about a peace lily. You see, I have many peace lilies all over the house but my favourite is this one (pictured). She tells me when she has been fed too much sunand when she needs to be watered.She tells me when she is happyand when … Continue reading My Peace Lily

Gone too soon

Prayer for departed loved ones Let's take a moment to say a prayer for our loved ones that are gone.  ❤ & miss you my warrior girl.❤ 'When a star so brightleaves for hometoo soon,many question play on lipsMore on the mindAll there hanging with, 'who are we?'Questions that knowno answers will make us … Continue reading Gone too soon

Yin Yang

‘The dark bowels of the earth births lightIn dark murky waters, life finds homeIn all good, there’s evil and vice versa. Neither lives without the other. So, my dear one, in the dark or in the light, seek and hold on to the light. ❤️&☯️ Aweni Remember this lesson this week.So, if you are sad, … Continue reading Yin Yang

A short ode to Friday

Friday I love Fridays so very much. Friday is the icing on my cake… when the week is a piece of cake. Friday is the silver lining at the end of the tunnel… when I’ve had a bad week. What’s Friday to you? ❤ Aweni