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Heaven’s Child

Nature + Manmade beauty This mid week, remind yourself to; Take pleasure in the 'little' things andBe thankful for the 'little' things. Today, I marveled at the sunrise (picture taken by babe). I also marvelled at how heaven is within me and I within it. 'Heaven cries like youHer heart rumbles, her eyes dripHer face … Continue reading Heaven’s Child

The little things

Another day to be grateful for.  Why? 'My eyes take in the golden sparkle of the Sun......as the scent of roses linger in my nostrils. The gentle carress of the cool breeze brushes my face again and again......as my ears revel in its harmonious melody with the bees.' What's not to be grateful for? … Continue reading The little things

Saturday and a Rose

A rosy Saturday 'Saturday's a bae'skiss after a grueling dayA child's random smileMy favourite tea and mum's hugsA large slice of chill heaven.' ❤&🌹Aweni