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A mother’s love

A mother's love Today is mother's day.A day dedicated to say thank you mummy, I love you mummy, I see you mummy. But are you aware,that no matter the amount of thank yous, I love yous and  I see yous, you could never ever reciprocate a mother's love in equal measure? All your love and … Continue reading A mother’s love

Hear Her

Hear the woman ‘She’sThe babe they killed who livedThe fire you litThe air you breatheThe beauty you seeThe mountain you seekThe peace you giveThe force withinThe home of you the seedHomeYour home in life and in death HearThe one whose eyes remain widely open in deathFor who sleeps under when her li’l babe walks over?HearThe … Continue reading Hear Her

Different shades

#longpostalert I wrote 'The different shades of yellow,' in January 2017. It was inspired by a setting sun and the different hues it radiated one random evening. What I didn't know at the time was how this poem could reflect the many sides of human nature too. That was until three days ago when I … Continue reading Different shades