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Hear Her

Hear the woman ‘She’sThe babe they killed who livedThe fire you litThe air you breatheThe beauty you seeThe mountain you seekThe peace you giveThe force withinThe home of you the seedHomeYour home in life and in death HearThe one whose eyes remain widely open in deathFor who sleeps under when her li’l babe walks over?HearThe … Continue reading Hear Her

Are you content?

This midweek, let’s reflect on contentment.Are you content?If not, why aren’t you?If you are, why are you content?Should we all be content no matter our station in life?Does contentment mean giving up on your dreams? Enjoy. ‘Her stop’s six feet deep.Endlessly chasing her tail,She’s not in the chaseStorm and sun invisibleNone can give her peace … Continue reading Are you content?