“The only dimension where everything comes together exactly as planned”…….. Aweni on literature

25 thoughts on “Home

  1. This content is a reflection of a deep sound mind. Often times we find it difficult to express this side of us no matter how much we try.
    So much clarity in expression of thoughts through exploration of words.
    Sincerely feel connected with this writeups.
    Thumbs up Aweni.

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    1. Thank you for the follow and leading me to your blog. I found your blog to be quite rich in fascinating African tales. Couldn’t tell if they are fiction or not. Would love to keep up but not sure how to.

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      1. Thanks Aweni for the reciprocal visit. You can keep up by occasionally visiting and if you are not lazy with your emails, you may subscribe to the blog posts by mail.

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  2. how i longed for home
    boarding school one whole term
    broken heart lost love

    eleven year old
    deported against my will
    my parents too

    unbeknown new
    a rule that hurt us all
    weekend disasters

    to far to travel
    one day there one day back
    no time for visits

    homesick lonely nights
    my parents too were crying
    a whole term dying

    summer break and home
    empathy resolved my straits
    home loving parents

    while I was there
    respite for me was nature
    now still besotted

    long story cut short
    as back then was a life time
    despair misery

    now a happy home
    a wife three children
    grand and great too

    like all we face
    trials and tribulations
    together resolved

    My life back then invoked
    by you and a old song
    both invoking tears

    The First Verse

    I’m nobodies child
    Nobody wants me
    I’m nobodies child
    Just like a flower
    I’m growing wild
    I’ve no mummies kisses
    And no daddies smiles
    Just like a flower
    I’m growing wild

    A link to the song: https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=i%27m+nobody%27s+child+song&view=detail&mid=CEB6EF4BB4CE5680A1CFCEB6EF4BB4CE5680A1CF&FORM=VIRE

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      1. It came right out of the blue. The fact that my parents couldn’t get to visit due to the distance involved is what really broke me, plus seeing the parents who lived closer visiting, was just to much. 😦

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    1. I truly believe it does. You might change your plans or your direction but you tell it like you want to. You are in control. I absolutely loved Peter Dinklage’s message here and his voice does help. It spoke to me. I am glad you feel the same way…..inspired.


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