Month: April 2017


Those eyes on you Dark and green Deeply engraved on your bark Sees all, yet so silent You look out on to the lush green plain Little creatures with tails in question marks scurry all over your green hair Then they invade your limbs and all that is spread before you with abandon Yet you … Continue reading Unwavering

A fool in love

    In his arms I writhed The hiss from his lips, my soul soothed The rough of his palm, my needy spirit calmed The fire in me burnt bright Fuelled by his lies I would have it no other way Cocooned in the world he carved for me A slave to my desires Blindly, … Continue reading A fool in love

Mistress of spices

Walking down a street in ShakiI met a mistress of spicesHer skin was so enticingHer eyes were invitingAnd her aura was captivatingI thought her fantasticShe fed me her spicesThey teased my sensesHmmm… tastyI asked her secretWhat gives a taste so pricelessShe told me in whispersThe secret of her spicesWas the soul in her peppersBirthed from … Continue reading Mistress of spices


You deny my tears You don't validate my fears Don't cry when I flee     Image credit: werner22brigitte via Daily Prompt: Denial