Vacation or daily life?



I could write about a holiday,

Jetting off to a sunny beach with my dear Bailey.

But I should write about the life I live daily,

Tell you about the fight I had with my darling.

Not about facades that have become part of our living.


I could write about a getaway,

Sleeping and waking on soft pillows in a caravansary.

But I don’t think it fair to cloth my travails in secrecy.

To not tell you of the struggles of existing,

Or the fight Bailey and I had this morning.


I think I will write about my break to New York City,

Walking the Times square with no iota of worry.

For on second thoughts on my long tales of self-pity,

I think it fair that I don’t burden your evening.

That I just write about my fun retreat last season.



Image credit: FrankWinkler

via Daily Prompt: Retreat

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