It is dark
And darkness shields all things evil
It shields his hands
His groping and hurtful hands
I feel fear, gut wrenching
Seeping into my skin and what lies underneath
I hear the shallow and rapid beatings of my heart
I ask a question knowing there would be no answer
“What is this?”
I know not,
Can decipher not
I cannot stop this
He is much too strong
Is it me? Is it him?
Did I bring this on me?
Where are you? Mom…. dad…anybody…?
As my innocence is torn and ripped
Repeatedly and unrelentingly
Not a word escapes my dry mouth
Only muffled sniffles and cries
That evolves into a darkened silence.

Child abuse is abhorrent! Please protect children and report all cases!

In an emergency please use the emergency helpline for your countries.

To report cases of child abuse or get help or advice on child abuse issues in India, Nigeria, UK and the USA, please contact:

India – Childline India foundation on 22-2495 2610, 2495 2611, 2482 1098 / 2490 1098/ 2491 1098, 2490 3507

Nigeria – UNICEF Nigeria on +23494618600,094618505

UK – NSPCC on 08088005000 OR send an email to

USA – Child help on 18004224453

All other countries, again, please look for the emergency helpline for your countries.



Photo credit: Alexas_Fotos

via Daily Prompt: Overwhelming

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