Birthing death


Indeed, it was a strange story.

The story of Penny.

She came four times.

She left four times.

Each time she came,

There was joy.

Each time she left,

Tears rolled.

Each time, she was called Penny.

I knew her secret only on her fifth coming.

You see,

Penny was my little sister.

The fourth time she came,

I had stumbled and knocked the candle on her left big toe.

It was a small burn that healed well,

But left a mark.

I knew the shape and site of the mark,

For I was guilt ridden.

Then she left.

It was quite surprising

When the next time mother went into labour,

A girl bearing the same mark was born.

Penny came and left four times after that.

Each time bearing that mark.

Each time she left at the same age,

Two years and three months.

Mother had no more children after that.

Her womb tired and sealed by Penny,

Who visited no more

When mother’s flow dried.

It was a curious tale until I met Abeke,

Who explained

That we had been visited by an Abiku.




Image credit: Clker-free-vector images

via Daily Prompt: Peculiar

29 thoughts on “Birthing death

    1. Thank you Miriam. Abiku is a terminology for a child that is given birth to then dies at a very young age ( usually less than 12 years) then comes again as a baby to the same woman. The cycle goes on and on. It is believed the child is an evil spirit sworn to disturb the woman/the family.
      I am glad you like it.

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