My mood’s mistress



My mood’s mistress is here again.
With my mood,
She plays a game.
In my heart,
She causes pain.
In my brain,
A sense of doom.
In my pant,
A gloomy red.
I stand or sit,
At her beck.
But only for
A time so short.
Until she lends my mood
Back to me.
Then the sun will rise again,
And the pain will ease away.
Then the moon will deeply sink,
And this gloom will fade away.




Image credit: Olga Ekaterincheva

8 thoughts on “My mood’s mistress

  1. I hate the blue mood
    Don’t allow it near my hood
    Though some welcome it like food
    To me it does no good
    Except make people brood
    The rude emotion seems easier to tame if one is a dude.

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    1. Wow……I inspired that? It’s awesome. Thank you for sharing. It is indeed easier to tame the blues when you are a dude…..
      Not to sound like an antifeminist or anything😃

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