Bye 2019

Sing me new ballards

Don’t be tethered to the old

Friends, let’s fly again.

Forward ever! Backward never!

Today is the last day of the year 2019!

2019 may have brought you lots of breakthroughs, happiness and many other lovely things or it may not have been the best year for you. It might have brought trials, heartbreaks, losses, sadness that you may not be able to describe. Or perhaps it brought both sides of the coin or just been a bleh year…  neither here or there. Whatever it may have brought you, if you are reading this, you are lucky. Very lucky. Lucky that you still breath.

So, as we bid bye to 2019 and beckon on 2020, let us remember how blessed we are that we saw this day.
We get to live another day and hopefully another year.
We get another chance.
We get to redraft, restrategise, renew, revisit.
Endless opportunities await. Let’s grab them.

No matter how much darkness surrounds you, see this as another opportunity at light. Get it to stay!

Yes you can!

You have what it takes right there inside of you.

❤ and🕯Aweni

5 thoughts on “Bye 2019

  1. Dear Aweni, thanks for your encouraging greeting! Happy 2020! May a new decade bring you more joys than sorrows, more wonderful things off-line &, what is the most important, wisdom to follow the path of your life in mindfulness & bliss!

    Greetings! Maria 🙂 Happy New Blogging!

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