A mother’s love

A mother’s love

Today is mother’s day.
A day dedicated to say thank you mummy, I love you mummy, I see you mummy.

But are you aware,
that no matter the amount of thank yous, I love yous and  I see yous, you could never ever reciprocate a mother’s love in equal measure?

All your love and affection towards her,
not even up to a hundredth of her love for you.

No, don’t blame your capability to love.
Blame science.
Blame the books.
It’s been written
for you to live,
she must give
a piece
of her soul,
her body,
her heart.

She was created for this purpose.
A mother of nations.
She would die a million deaths
for each of her offspring.
Her body would stretch
to house this parasite
in whom she is so pleased.

Her chest swells
to nuture its body.
Her arms ache
from lovingly
cuddling and cradling
all day long.
She’s been sentenced,
blessed or cursed,
depends on how you see it,
to jump at its cries,
cry as it cries,
laugh as it laughs.

She may eventually revel in a
symbiotic relationship with it
should they be so blessed.

She is the One
who bleeds to give life.
A life that will go on.
Some with her.
Some without her.
Some will rever her
Some will forget her…
She’ll bleed with a smile…
and if given the choice,
she’ll choose you,
again and

Happy Mother’s day!


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